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Oxygen Plus “Biggie”


Up your oxygen game with this energy-infused 36-pack of Oxygen Plus’s O+ Biggi. Each O+ Biggi oxygen canister is packed with 180 breaths of pure recreational oxygen, so you’ll have ample breaths of energy and recovery from this large pack. The O+Biggi is the perfect extra-large pick-me-up for sports and big adventures – take it with you on long-haul hikes, while you train for a marathon or when you’re facing a stressful workweek. A few deep breaths from the O+ Biggi will help keep you alert, energized and ready to conquer the day. The O+ Biggi delivers oxygen through a designer mask. To use, simply place the mask to your mouth, squeeze the trigger and inhale.

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  • Includes two canisters of O+ Biggi, each with 180 breaths
  • Each canister contains 7 liters of pure recreational oxygen
  • Made from recyclable aluminum and 100% recyclable after use
  • Manufactured, quality-controlled and filled in USA


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