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Aqua Massage Las Vegas

Best Aqua Massage Las Vegas! Looking for Breathe Aqua Massage in Las Vegas? Try Today Aqua Massages in Vegas. – Enjoy the soothing sound of water jets as they help your muscles relax with an Aqua Massage. When you climb into one of our Aqua Massage beds you will experience a relaxing full-body experience like no other. Designed to help reduce muscle tension, soreness, and help promote overall wellness an Aqua Massage Bed is the epitome rest and relaxation.

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Aqua Massage Las Vegas At Breathe Modern Wellness Bar you can

A Relaxing Aqua Massage-Bed Experience

Are you looking for a contactless way to remedy those stubborn knots, kinks, and sore muscles? At Breathe Modern Wellness Bars in Las Vegas, you can take a minute, or 30, to bask under the relaxing water jets of one of our Aqua Massage Beds. An aqua massage is the perfect way for you to unwind, relax, and alleviate stiff and sore muscles. These Aqua Massage Beds are an excellent way for you to experience a contactless full-body massage in the middle of your day. When paid with pure oxygen from our oxygen bar, an Aqua Massage Bed can be the perfect solution for finding a relaxing way to reinvigorate your body.

Contactless Aqua Massage Beds

Full-body massages can be an incredible way to relieve stress and treat sore muscles, but skin-to-skin contact may not be ideal for you these days! If you want to experience a full body massage in a safe and sterile environment, then spending some time in  a contactless aqua massage bed at Breathe in Las Vegas is the perfect option for you.

Because the aqua massage bed uses high-pressure water jets to massage you, you do not ever come in contact with another person. Because we care about the health and safety of our guests, in between each use, our attendants wipe down and sterilize the aqua massage beds and reset it for the next user.

Breathe Contactless Aqua Massage Beds
Breathe Benefits of an Aqua Massage Bed

Benefits of an Aqua Massage Bed

An aqua massage bed experience can be an incredible way to reduce pain, anxiety, and muscle tension. There are numerous benefits that everyone can enjoy when they visit Breathe in Las Vegas. Aqua Massage Beds can be adjusted to any temperature that you’d like which can help with loosening up muscles and warming up ligaments for more flexibility.

With an aqua massage, you can counteract soreness, reduce lactic acid, and get stubborn knots out of your muscles. Aqua massages, also called hydromassages, are a great way to get your blood circulating which will deliver oxygen throughout your body and help alleviate stress, anxiety, and soreness.

Oxygen Bar + Aqua Massage Bed

If you’re searching for the pinnacle of rest and relaxation, you can experience the incredible benefits of inhaling pure oxygen at our oxygen bar, followed by a relaxing aqua massage.

This powerful combination of stress relief and muscle relaxation will have you melting! Get your blood circulating, improve cognitive function and say goodbye to muscle aches and pains.  Visit Breathe, Modern Wellness Bar in Las Vegas today to experience it for yourself.

Breathe Oxygen Bar + Aqua Massage Las Vegas


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