Are Oxygen Bars Good for You?

Are Oxygen Bars Good for You

At Breathe oxygen bar in Las Vegas, we often get asked if oxygen bars are good for you? We assume that you’ve probably wondered if sitting down and getting oxygen right to the dome can really have positive effects on your body. The answer to that question is of course yes, oxygen bars are good for you! Oxygen bars are an incredible place to visit when you are feeling tired, lethargic, hungover, or worn out because of the incredible benefits of oxygen.

What Is an Oxygen Bar?

An oxygen bar, is exactly what you would imagine that it is— an establishment where you can walk up to the bar, sit down, and enjoy a nice healthy dose of supplemental oxygen to give your body and mind the pick me up that it needs! At an oxygen bar, you can receive 95+% pure oxygen straight to your body can do wonders for you. In addition to supplemental oxygen, you can also find a pretty wide selection of health and wellness products. At Breathe Modern Wellness Bar in Las Vegas, our oxygen bar is a place where you can come and experience incredible wellness products like our unique Tranquility Shot, our aqua massage beds, and even some of the latest muscle stimulation technology. It’s a complete wellness experience that’s unlike any other in Las Vegas.

Can Oxygen Be Bad for You?

As with anything, there are times when oxygen can be bad for you— like when you have too little or way too much. When your body is way too low on oxygen you can experience conditions known as hypoxia and hypoxemia. Having too little oxygen in your body can result in symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and high blood pressure.

On the other hand, too much oxygen also has symptoms although far milder such as sleepiness and mild headaches. So as with anything else in life, moderation is advised simply out of an abundance of caution.

What Is Oxygen Good for?

Are there ever times that you wish you could find a natural pick me up? You know, something that gives you more energy, boosts your mood, cures that hangover, and gets rid of headaches? That’s where supplemental oxygen can be really beneficial. When your body is low on oxygen, sitting at an oxygen bar for 15, 30, or even 45 minutes can make you feel brand new and get you ready to take on the town all over again.

Breathe Modern Wellness Bar

Breathe Modern Wellness Bar is the premier oxygen bar in Las Vegas. With locations all across the Las Vegas strip, there’s a Breathe location near you where you can find the best modern wellness products. Visit a Breathe Modern Wellness Bar today and experience an oxygen bar for yourself. We offer unique wellness products like the Breathe Tranquility Shots formulated with Kava Kava. Breathe is the ultimate spot in Vegas to help you recharge from a long night on the Las Vegas strip. Stop on by today and experience the best modern wellness bar in town!