Health Benefits of Oxygen Bars

Health Benefits of Oxygen Bars

When you visit an oxygen bar, you receive a supply of supplementary oxygen that is as much as 95% pure oxygen. When compared to the natural air that you breathe, which contains significantly lower oxygen levels, oxygen bars like Breathe Modern Wellness Bar give your body a boost of oxygen that they wouldn’t normally get. This boost of oxygen allows your body to relax charge up more in ways that you just can’t get from other methods of rest and recovery. These are the incredible health benefits of oxygen bars:

Increase Your Energy Levels

It should come as no surprise that your body needs to regulate oxygen intake in order to function properly. When you are low on energy, tired, or groggy, the best thing that you can do is breathe in supplementary oxygen. Getting more oxygen into your body will promote blood circulation and ultimately get your meat vehicle recharged.

Reduce Headaches and Migraines

If you experience chronic fatigue, headaches, and migraines, you may have an issue with hypoxia— low oxygen levels. Blood carries oxygen to the cells in your body to keep them healthy. When oxygen levels are low, the rest of your body suffers and this can result in shortness of breath, headaches, and migraines. In severe cases, you may even faint or pass out from low oxygen levels. That’s where supplementary oxygen can help you increase blood oxygen levels and curb these issues.

Improve Physical Performance

Did you know that it takes more oxygen to burn fat than it does to convert carbohydrates into energy? That’s because of the actual atomic structure of fats and carbohydrates.

Simply put, carbohydrates have 1 oxygen molecule for every carbon. In order to metabolize aerobically, each carbon only needs 1 additional oxygen molecule. Fats, on the other hand, do not contain an oxygen molecule so they need to gain 2 oxygen molecules in order to metabolize in the same way.

That’s important to remember because when it comes to improving your physical performance— whether you want to be in better shape or shed a few pounds, then you need to increase your oxygen levels.

Reduce Stress, Improve Your Mood, and Concentration

When you visit an oxygen bar like Breathe in Las Vegas, you can walk in, take a seat, and relax while you breathe in supplemental oxygen. But that’s not all, we’re committed to delivering an all-around relaxing experience from the moment that you come in, until you leave. Enjoy a pleasant conversation with our staff, try some of our essential oils or ask about a Breathe Up Kava shot. And to top things off, lay down in one of our incredibly relaxing aqua massage beds. Guaranteed to be the most relaxing thing that you do all day.