What To Expect at a Las Vegas Oxygen Bar

What To Expect at a Las Vegas Oxygen Bar

If you’ve walked through any shopping center or casino in Las Vegas then you’ve probably seen those neat oxygen bars with their glowing tubes of water perched on the counter. Have you ever wondered what the hype around Oxygen bars are? What they do or what you’ll find when you walk into an oxygen bar? Don’t worry, it’s a common thing to wonder about, so let us help you better understand what to expect at a Las Vegas oxygen bar. You may be surprised to find out what you’re missing out on!

Supplemental Oxygen To Lift You Up

So obviously the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into a Las Vegas oxygen bar is the oxygen! When you sit at the counter of an oxygen bar, you will be hooked up to an oxygen tank that delivers 95% oxygen that you inhale. This oxygen is passed through water and infused so that you don’t experience a dry nose or any of that! Supplemental oxygen like this is a great pick-me-up that can make you feel more alert and energized after a long night out in Vegas.

Great Conversations and Customer Service

While you sit and breathe, our team of incredible attendants will be on the other side of the bar to make sure that you are taken care of. They’re very knowledgeable so you can ask them any questions that you may have about an oxygen bar and they’ll be more than happy to answer! We pride ourselves on our great customer service. Come check it out for yourself!

Aqua-Massage Beds To Get You Ready for a Night Out

You won’t find aqua-massage beds at every oxygen bar in Vegas, only at Breathe Modern Wellness Bars! Here guests can lay down and relax as they receive nice mass from high-pressure water jets that mimic a classic massage! Don’t worry though, you won’t need a bathing suit.

A Wide Selection of Health and Wellness Products

At Breathe, we’re more than just an oxygen bar in Las Vegas, we’re a Modern Wellness Bar where guests can come for a complete wellness experience. We offer a wide selection of health and wellness products that are specially designed to help improve your overall well being. Some of our favorite Breathe products include the Breathe Tranquility shots, formulated with Kava Kava for a nice relaxing and energized feel.

Breathe, A Modern Wellness Bar

Breathe, A Modern Wellness Bar is the best oxygen bar in Las Vegas (and the world!). With locations all across the Las Vegas strip, there is a Breathe Modern Wellness Bar near you! Stop on in and see what all the hype around oxygen bars for yourself!