Flush Out Toxins at an Oxygen Bar

Flush Out Toxins at an Oxygen Bar

When was the last time that you tried to flush out toxins from your body? Did you go on a cleanse, a workout kick, or did you visit an oxygen bar? Oxygen bars are becoming more and more popular around the health and wellness community in Las Vegas because of the incredible benefits that come with breathing supplemental oxygen. There are a lot of instances that could call for an oxygen bar that ranges from the passive recovery to help you unwind to recovering from activities that take a toll on your body and mind. At Breathe, we aim to create an environment where you can help your body recover with the incredible benefits of an oxygen bar. Here’s how an oxygen bar could benefit you!

Why Visit an Oxygen Bar

Visiting an oxygen bar like Breathe in Las Vegas can have a lot of positive implications for your overall health and well being. The first things that you will notice when you walk into a Breathe Modern Wellness Bar is the colorful oxygen tanks and the bright blue Aqua Massage Beds. These are excellent ways to relax and unwind but they also yield incredible benefits when you could use a pick-me-up by getting more oxygen.

the Benefits of Getting More Oxygen

Beyond the obvious benefits of oxygen (like the fact that you need it to breathe…) getting supplemental oxygen in higher concentrations can help reinvigorate your body and mind. At Breathe Oxygen Bar you can get a steady stream of 90% pure oxygen!


Headaches and migraines are often caused by a lack of oxygen, elevated stress levels, and poor circulation. With a steady supply of oxygen, you can allow your body to recover with high levels of oxygen that you would not be receiving otherwise. This benefit is two-fold in that first you get the added oxygen levels but you also decrease your stress levels. Ultimately this can help reduce the severity of your headaches.


Did you have too much fun in Las Vegas last night? No problem! Oxygen bars are a great way to reduce the aches and pains of a hangover. When you consume alcohol, you can easily become oxygen deficient. When our body begins to metabolize alcohol, it depletes our oxygen supply quickly because it requires 3 oxygen molecules for every alcohol molecule. That makes an oxygen bar a phenomenal hangover cure!


An oxygen bar is also a great way to combat the effects of fatigue, heat exhaustion, and jet lag— all of which are incredibly common among Las Vegas tourists. If you’re visiting Las Vegas and you need a great way to recover from the heat, late nights, and cross country travel, then you want to stop into a Breathe Modern Wellness Bar and experience everything that we have to offer first hand.